Training Services

Programs are customized to meet individual requirements. Please contact us for details and a schedule of training fees.

Sample Outline for MSE TRAINING:

Outline Day One:

Brief Introduction:
- History / Multi-Sensory Environment
- Development Philosophy and Concept

How Multi-Sensory Environments Work:
- The Relaxation Response
- MSE and the Senses
- Sensory Processing and Sensory Diets
The Multi-Sensory Environments:
- Setting up the environment for Learning / Wellness / Treatment
- Controlled Sensory Input - (CSI & YOU)

Outline Day Two:

Multi-Sensory Environments and:
- Challenging Behaviors
- Behavior Management
- Relationships and Communication
- Multi-Sensory Profile / Evaluation
- MSE Goals / Outcomes

Experiencing the Multi-Sensory Environment:
- Equipment Protocols and MSE Room Demonstrations

*All Training Sessions located at Linda's MSE are Wi-Fi enabled