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LINDA MESSBAUER is one of the world's leading experts on Multi-Sensory Environments. She has over 30 years experience and was the first person to create a Snoezelen/MSE room in the United States. Her mission is to assist organizations, groups and individuals who wish to utilize Multi-Sensory Environments to provide treatment and quality care to the people they serve. Linda is a recognized International Trainer and Founding member of the American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments.

Sensory Rooms Gaining In Popularity

Linda appears in an article on the DisabilityScoop website, talking about how Multi Sensory environments are gaining ground:

Linda Messbauer, an occupational therapist from New York City who designed and opened the first sensory room in the nation in 1992, said the benefits of these rooms are backed up by good scientific trends and research.

Sensory rooms help students with disabilities learn to control behavior, focus better

Linda has recently appeared in an article on, where she talks about a Multi-Sensory Environment in the Phoenix Center, a private school in Nutley. The room was designed to stimulate neglected physiology in disabled students.

An Excerpt from the article:

Linda Messbauer, an occupational therapist from Queens who designed and opened the first sensory room in the nation in 1992, said the benefits of these rooms are backed up by good scientific trends and research.

Interview with Dr. Marina Masic on the Aesthetics and Therapeutics lab.

Dr. Marina Masic and Linda Messbauer spent time together in NY in an MSE connecting Art and Science. Linda is very impressed with this interview and hopes our AAMSE members and readers will have a "look see." It is both beautiful and, as Linda calls it, "brain-wise functional"....

Dear Visitors and Friends to my web site, I have some bad news and good news...

I always like getting the Bad News out of the way first, so here goes…Unfortunately, my MSE room here in Queens is flooded thanks to climate change in late March. It had to be taken down and the room waterproofed. French Drains have been installed and a sump pump put in. It now will take ninety days for the concrete to cure before the room can be made ready again for an MSE session.

Building a Better World

Dr. Marina Masic, an art therapist, first emailed in 2011 with an interest in combining Art and Sensory, and a dialog opened between them.

Marina shared her dream of opening a Sensory Spa for Wellness, and so she visited Linda’s MSE and learned much about the design aspects in relation to the human’s functioning brain. Marina gained much insight into what sensations do for changing our arousal, focus, perspective and eventually our behavior. She clearly understands how we can become more intimately involved with the relaxation process and how art and design will influence our very being

A Special Room Fills Special Needs at Wayland-Cohocton

An article posted on the Livingston County News of Geneseo NY, about the debut of the new MSE for Wayland-Cohocton Central School. The article mentions Linda Messbauer, who served as chief consultant and designer of the Multi-Sensory Environment.

Unlock secrets of the senses

Linda Messbauer has recently been featured on the She Knows Parenting web site, in an article that details the creation and use of a Multi-Sensory Environment.

In the article, Linda states:

"A multi-sensory environment is not a plug and play toy," Messbauer emphasizes. "Look for a qualified person who has actually been through at least two to three days of training — at least 16 hours working and learning in an actual MSE room — and has worked with children in an MSE for at least one year for assistance and questions before you buy materials."

Grand Opening of MSE at Wayland-Cohocton Central School

Linda wanted to share with you a speech written by Mr. Robert Hughes for the Grand Opening of the MSE at Wayland-Cohocton Central School. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes are both Teachers and the Parents of a Child with ASD. Their leadership and perseverance lead to this moment…Read Mr. Hughes wonderful account of their journey...

Isaac Newton, Yogi Berra, and the 14th Dalai Lama

Linda Messbauer at Community Options, Inc.

Linda appears in a new video posted by Red Ribbon Academy for Community Options, Inc. in New York. The video shows the facility, and shows some incredible progress of a client.

Please click here for the Youtube video