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LINDA MESSBAUER is one of the world's leading experts on Multi-Sensory Environments. She has over 30 years experience and was the first person to create a Snoezelen/MSE room in the United States. Her mission is to assist organizations, groups and individuals who wish to utilize Multi-Sensory Environments to provide treatment and quality care to the people they serve. Linda is a recognized International Trainer and Founding member of the American Association of Multi-Sensory Environments.

Support Letter regarding Interior Designers and MSE

I have been asked to write a supporting letter for why an Interior Designer should take a course on Multi-Sensory Environments. My answers would be the following:

To understand how the impact of design can create a harmonious peaceful setting or one that puts individuals into high stressful visual environments
Understand how shape, line and color are part of our neurological genetic makeup and how best to work with these principles (the visual processing system)

King's Grant unveils new tool for dementia

Linda's work is featured in Virginia's Martinsville Bulletin. She designed the Multi-Sensory Environment used at the King's Grant Retirement Community, which is now featured in the January 2013 edition of the Bulletin. The article is as follows:
King's Grant unveils new tool for dementia

Monday, January 14, 2013

By BEN R. WILLIAMS - Bulletin Staff Writer

Twin columns of bubbling, glowing liquid stretch to the ceiling and slowly shift from blue to red to green, while starbursts twinkle along the walls and a bundle of fiber-optic strands pulse with soft colors.

New AAMSE Training Dates are up!

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Designing Your Own MSE Room for Treatment

Linda Messbauer M.A., OTR/L

Hello everyone:

Linda has put up a very important new article that addresses many requests that she has had in regards to getting started with Multi-Sensory Environments. She is proud to offer this first-in-a-series Guide to Designing Your Own MSE Room. We hope you take the time to read through this piece, and to send an email if you have any questions!

Another Testimonial

We would like to share another testimonial from a recent training session that Linda has done. This comes from Shanna C. Wright, RN BSN CDP, the Director of Health Services at the Kings Grant Retirement Community in Martinsville Virginia:

A Thank you from Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES

It gives us great pleasure to post a testimonial that Linda has received from Linda Felix, MSE Committee Chairperson at Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES:

Linda Messbauer has been instrumental in helping our school at Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES grow our Multi Sensory Environment over the past seven years. In 2005, we received a grant allowing us to purchase a few sensory devices. At that time I realized we needed a lot more information to go forward with the project.

Linda's Work Featured in new Book!

Linda's work has been cited in a new book, entitled The Multisensory Handbook, which is a guide for children and adults with sensory learning disabilities. The author, Paul Pagliano, has mentioned Linda and her work. A quote from the book is as follows: